How to Find The Cheapest Travel Tickets from USA to Lagos

Lagos is an African city in Nigeria with a very high population and also the most exciting in Africa. Due to its high economic power and varied culture, Lagos attracts many travellers around the world with most being from USA. Due to the rapid growth of the flight industry, the nature of competition has now become stiff with airlines trying to outdo other airline to maintain a consistent line of business in their operation. To ensure this, number of techniques are being put in place (such as excellent price for flights) to attract as many people. Travellers would therefore try to find the cheapest flights to Lagos from USA.However the travel ticket price will depend on the following factors:

  • departure airport
  • airline carrier
  • the booking agent
  • online travel.

There are various USA departure airports for flights to Lagos and they are: New York, Houston,Atlanta,Dallas, Boston,Chicago,Los Angeles, Newark Baltimore, Philadelphia,Kansas,Miami,Columbus, Detroit, Charlotte, Denver, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Minneapolis, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Phoenix, Seattle, St Louis and Tampa.

There are also many airlines that operate from USA to Nigeria and each of these airlines have different ticket prices. While traveling by air, finding the cheapest tickets for flight is a priority. Finding cheap tickets is important fo reducing the travel expenses. In Lagos, with their skies being opened to private airlines from USA, a number of fights operate between these two countries. Most recently there is need of developing the right techniques and strategies to attract customers. The customer has therefore an opportunity to pick the right prices from the variety. Online travel has a solution on finding cheap flights to Lagos by enabling travelers to have information concerning best seasons, dates and routes that are cheap to travel to Lagos. Below is the range of prices from different departures in USA flying to Lagos in Nigeria.

New York- Lagos $715-$3200.

Chicago – Lagos $750-$3250

Houston – Lagos $890- $3500

From the examples given above, one can therefore see that the fight tickets are as cheap as $715.These is according to departure airports, different airlines (which also operate under different prices). To give a full picture of the travel market when it comes to travel to Lagos, below are some examples of airlines with their cheapest prices:


The French national carrier offer tickets from USA to Lagos at the price of around $709, which is the cheapest option a person can find online. However, as it is said above, there are a number of factors which play a great role.


With the Turkish Airlines the ticket from USA to Lagos cost $719.


Choosing Delta Airlines to Lagos you should be ready to pay an amount of $721.


You can also fly with Arkir Air at the price of $780.


Be ready to pay $795 fo travelling with United Airlines.


The official German carrier offers tickets at the price of $800.


At the cos of $840 you can reach Lagos from various airports in USA.


Flying with British Airways would cost the sum of $950. This is the highest price a person can find online. However, if you book your flight earlier the chance to get a cheaper ticket is great.

The cheapest flight ticket from the list of the airlines above is as low as $708. Online travel also provides an easy way to find the cheapest .An example that provides information about cheap flights to Lagos is Justfly website.

Justfly services offers magnificent services that facilitates customer satisfaction such that it is Efficient: it issues low cost tickets that are efficient and user-friendly.

They have expounded their field and partnered with over 400 airlines to deliver the best price possible to their customers.

Satisfaction: Booking airline tickets through just fly website is easy to understand and simple to use also the price was right, this is through the great discount offered in their prices that will make one never to hesitate to book their flights through them again.

In order to fit in the competitive market field they have made their tickets available at a discount, offer quality services that ensures the whole flight experience tremendous and in so doing it secures a firm place in the increasingly competitive market.

Justfly has assembled the most advanced team of experts in the world to serve and ensure safety and satisfaction of the customers as their major priority .

Maintenance of an efficient and technologically bullet-proof platform through maintaining of a 24hour 7days a week services.


Booking agents like asap tickets services are currently offering cheap flight tickets from USA to Lagos. The tickets initially were $697 but are now being offered for only $647 thus a super save for travellers. Some of the airlines that offer very cheap tickets and also allow you other services such as not having to enter specific travel dates is Arik air thus ensuring convenience. The best time to travel from USA is during the weekdays as one is able to evade surcharges and as a result he or she is able to reduce the travelling expenses.During the Holidays a large number of people travel from USA to Lagos therefore ticket prices are not cheap. Without forgetting, these cheapest tickets are usually of the economic class.


  • Don’t book your tickets during major holidays.
  • Book your ticket 21days in advance before your date of travel.
  • Round trips are cheaper compared to one way
  • Always carry out a research on as many airlines as possible before you choose.

Due to increased competition, booking agents offer discounts on tickets depending on different factors. Some companies offer great discounts on flight tickets making them cheaper thus a traveller would prefer this in order to reduce his or her expenses.

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