The Best Holiday Destinations in California

Holidays are part of who we are. After the hustle and bustle at the work place or a semester of hard studying, it is only fair that we take a break and enjoy some of the beauty and elegance that nature has to offer. California is blessed with such destinations that locals and even visitors are encouraged to tour once in a while.

#1. The Cold Spring Tavern, Santa Barbara County

Located a couple of miles from Santa Barbara, The Cold Spring Tavern provides the perfect get away from the noise and congestion at the city. Its mountainous ranges provide an opportunity to engage with nature through rock and hill climbing. Its prices are relatively low and visitors get to enjoy roast game meat.

#2. Sandpiper Golf Club

Are you interested in golf and are looking for a destination to while away the weekend as you play your favourite sport? Do not worry, the Sandpiper Golf Club is just the place for you. Its majestic greens provide a serene environment to relax and chill. The entry fee is low compared to most golf clubs in America making it the perfect holiday destination for most Americans. Visitors are encouraged to visit so as to view its landmark windmill and spend a night in some of its cottages.

#3.Joshua Tree National Park

Nature lovers will fall in love with this place. Its location in the desert provides an excellent opportunity to test one’s endurance and survival skills. It provides the perfect setting for team building and camping activities and parents are encouraged to take their children here so that they can learn to be strong, courageous and self-reliant.

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